About Us

Performance Machine is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle wheels, brake systems, controls, and accessories. Performance Machine premium products will open your mind to customization, providing you with the inspiration to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that reflect your personality.

Innovation is at Performance Machine's core; encompassing quality, style, and function supported by superior design, steadfast engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

PM brands support the industry by continually introducing new brands and products to the custom market to suit your needs and desires. Performance Machine brands support the freedom of the motorcycle lifestyle. We encourage and promote individualism. It is your passion that fuels us.

Style is king, but quality and function are never compromised. Performance Machine brands provide the vision for self-expression that you seek within the motorcycle lifestyle. Performance Machine understands how it feels to stand in front of a stock motorcycle and see the potential to turn it into something spectacular. We support your dream of turning heads at a stop light.



Sparked by his first ride on a Triumph at 9 years old, Perry Sands, father of Roland Sands, was destined to improve the motorcycle industry.  Working at a machine shop in the late 60’s Perry was lusting after a Springer front end but couldn’t afford one.  But he knew he could make one, setting his path to forever change the industry.


Performance Machine (PM) began manufacturing custom motorcycle parts out of a small shop in Paramount, CA in 1970. An inherent talent for machining and fabricating combined with a passion for motorcycles has always been the driving force behind Performance Machine. 


Performance Machine begins to manufacture aftermarket front-ends for Harley-Davidson and custom brake systems which included dual action cast calipers, a PM Master Cylinder and cast iron discs. Something PM liked to call "Stop-Fast Brakes" in the 1970's.


Performance Machine starts to manufacture custom wheels for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Early custom PM wheels included the Morris Mag 7-spoke, the Invader 6-spoke, and Mitchell Spun Aluminum Wheels.


Performance Machine improves braking systems with CNC machined billet calipers. Using aerospace grade solid aluminum bar, PM created the strongest, most powerful brake caliper the industry has ever seen. 


Performance Machine improves wheel manufacturing with bolted billet & fusion wheel processes.


Performance Machine continues to lead the industry with revolutionary new products; Forged Billet Wheels and a complete line of Contour products including hand and foot controls.


Performance Machine designs the industry's most innovative wheel finish – dubbed Contrast Cut. This trademarked finish forever changed how we look at custom motorcycle wheels.


Performance Machine currently operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility complete with a testing lab. PM continues to set standards in the motorcycle industry with everything from design, testing, manufacturing, and secondary operations performed in-house in order to maintain superior quality.


The famous PM factory Big Rig rolled out to hit the motorcycle rally circuit in 1995 as the first display tractor-trailer of its kind in this industry. It was a big statement of how our brand was the leader in the motorcycle aftermarket. Thousands of miles and hundreds of events later, PM’s Big Rig is still a statement for the leading, iconic PM brands.


Leading the performance bagger trend, PM introduces it’s line of race-driven products that includes billet mid controls, light weight wheels, and full floating brake rotors.


Leading the performance bagger trend, PM introduces it’s line of race-driven products that includes billet mid controls, light weight wheels, and full floating brake rotors.


With over 50 years’ experience as the industry leading manufacturer of premium aftermarket motorcycle products, Performance Machine is bringing our award-winning design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to the off-road market.