Image Series
Performance Machine Forged Aluminum wheels are the flagship of our wheel line and the finest wheels in the market today. Innovative and stylish, PM wheels are manufactured in the USA and tested in-house to ensure quality and performance under everyday riding conditions. Performance Machine offers a variety of designs, sizes, applications and the industry’s most notable finishes such as Contrast Cut™ to give you the most choices.
Race Weight
The ultimate high performance wheels machined from forged aluminum, featuring lightweight agility. The rim lip is back cut to reduce mass at the outer edges of the wheel for decreased rotational inertia and a reduction in unspring weight. Equipped with PM's Raceline Series hubs, where all the excess material has been machined away for improved weight reduction.
Contour Collection
We know we have the best wheels in the market. But do you want the best of the best? Well here you go, it's called the Contour Collection. This unique, high-end collection of wheels includes four unique designs. Take a good look at the design and you'll notice there's a whole new dimension in these billet beauties. It starts with a re-engineering of the forged blank by adding material from the hub to the rim-lip area. This provides the means for a deeper machine cut - therefore addin