Lifetime Limited Chrome Warranty Registration

Congratulations on purchasing a chrome product from Performance Machine! As the new owner, you will need to complete the registration process to activate your Lifetime Limited Chrome Warranty.
All information is required.

Show Chrome is what you get with every PM chrome product. The secret to our finish is in the preparation. We send each raw part to our polishing department, creating a mirror like finish before the chrome is even laid on, making it easy for our chrome gurus to create ultra-smooth and durable chrome plated parts. Quality is our highest priority, and we continuously work with our plating partners to make certain the chrome finish is the best it can be.

Thanks to our proprietary chrome process, we are able to offer a Lifetime Limited Chrome Warranty on Performance Machine branded products sold within the continental U.S. after February 1st, 2012. To qualify, the original customer must register within 90 days of the original invoice, ensuring your ride's style and beauty for a lifetime.

Lifetime Limited Chrome Warranty
Performance Machine, LLC offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on PM, RSD, and Xtreme branded products produced by Performance Machine sold within the continental U.S. The Lifetime Limited Warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original consumer purchase. The end user must complete the warranty registration process at www.performancemachine.com/lifetime-limited-chrome/registration within 90 days of the invoice date per the warranty registration card provided with each purchase. In order to file a warranty claim, the consumer must provide the original purchase receipt and the warranty confirmation from Performance Machine generated during the warranty registration process. If warranty claim requirements are not met, the warranty will default to Performance Machine's Standard Chrome Warranty.