FASTair Intake Cleaner - black machined

PM's FASTair intake utilizes the highest quality and best performing K&N filter element allowing a 10.21 HP increase on a stock Harley-Davidson. Not only does this intake make horsepower but it the most innovative and aggressive looking intake on the market. Leave it to PM to raise the bar by creating beautiful billet pieces literally laced together to beautify that high performance air filter. We also added PM's proven internal crankcase breather system to clean up the system.

Harley-Davidson Pricing for black-machined

1991-2020 XL Sportster
Add To Cart 0206-2051-BM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95
Add To Cart 0206-2051-CBM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95
2008-2014 FL, Throttle by Wire
Add To Cart 0206-2050-BM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95
Add To Cart 0206-2050-CBM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95
EVO, Twin Cam w/ Cable Throttle, 1993-2007 Touring, 1993-2015 Softail, 1993-2016 Dyna
Add To Cart 0206-2049-BM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95
Add To Cart 0206-2049-CBM - BLACK MACHINED - $499.95